Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wet N Wild Pop Craze Collection

Wet N Wild  Pop Craze Collection

I've been a fan of Wet n Wild for a while starting with the trios from years back but really became a fan with the last limited edition 6 pan palettes (Drink a Glass of Shine, Sparkle till the morning and Shimmer the night away).  I was super excited when I found the new Pop Craze Trios when I stopped in Riteaid at random this week. I was afraid they would be super hard to find since I'm just now finding the 2013 LE 6 pan shadows (Going in the Wild and Nude Awakening) . I actually just found them today at the same store :).  .   I'm excited to play with these some more. For now I've just swatched and played with them just a little. 

I've loved bright colors since I was a girl.  That's probably why these excite me.  I'm particularly happy to see all the pretty shades of blue.  Although full disclosure I'm not sure I'll be able to pull them off.

Enough of my exciting babbling.  Let's see some swatches :).  All of these are on my bare skin without primmer.  Most of them are rather pigmented but some are more sheer than others.

To Muse and Carouse 

Not the neatest swatches ever but I think you get the idea.  The orange can be a bit sheer or a little more can be added for it to show up like the swatch above.  I love the blue and think I could actually pull off this shade.

Hard Being the It Girl

Overall this trio didn't haven't has much color payoff/pigmentation as I thought it would be.  

I really like this pink but as you can see its pretty sheer.  I'm thinking it might show up a little bit more with a primmer. I think it would be good for a subtle day look which is probably missing the point of these.

I was really excited about this blue although I admit I'm sure I couldn't pull it off on the lid, or at least I'd be nervous to. I do love blue liner though so will be trying it as that.  I'm a little sad about the color pay off. I thought it would be darker.  It does get a little darker if applied heavier but not much.  I'm thinking maybe if I tried it wet.

This shade doesn't really show up on my hand but would probably be good for brow bone.

Not sure what it is but I love this blue.  This is what it looks like when extra is applied.  I'm excited to try some looks with it.

Your 15 minutes aren't up

I'm not so sure about the yellow but it seems to be a common theme in this collection.  I think I'll work up the courage to use it as a pop of color in one of my looks lol :)

Overall I'm really like this trio and I'm impressed with the color pay off of these shades.  I didn't have to pack these on at all to get the color payoff.

Three's a Party 

The white is pretty sheer but some what buildable.

The red intrigues me because to be honest I LOVE red (those that know me know this and yes my car is red :) )  It has a decent color payoff but is definitely not dark red without adding extra. I think having it not as look at me red will be good though.  

Pretty standard black.

I'll be honest I have no idea how I'm going to pull off any of these colors (aside from white) but I had
to have it because of the red.

I'm Seeing Triples


I love this green, it has great color pay off.  I only swiped it once or twice, didn't have to pack it on at all.

Blue had to be packed on a bit to get any color payoff.  This shade reminds me of a blue shade in the crayon box that I loved growing up.  I need to try this wet, I bet it would look better.


I can't stop looking at the green. Looking forward to playing with it.

A Regular at the Factory 

The yellow is really sheer but would be good for a highlight. 

Of all the blues in the collection this if my favorite.  This is little swatched, I didn't have to pack it on to make it look this way.

I'm loving the blue in this trio, I'm really looking forward to playing with it.

Final  Thoughts\

I've really enjoyed playing with these.  As you've probably guess I really love color, hence all the color changes on this post.  Some of the shadows aren't as pigmented as others but applying more heavily does help.  I think using a primmer would help also.  Overall I think they are totally worth the $2.99 a piece price.  I'm looking forward to putting together some looks. I'm more accustomed to neutrals so it will be an adventure for me. I'll make another post of some of the looks I come up with.

Thanks for reading