Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dermablend Bluring Mousse Camo Foundation

Dermablend Bluring Mousse Camo Foundation

I'm the shade Cameo, which may be a tad light with my summer tan. It will be perfect for winter.


I have very oily skin, especially on my nose, chin and cheeks, so in other words most of my face. My skin is so oily that keeping glasses up on my nose is a chore, which makes me very thankful that 99% of the time I'm able to wear contacts. Even though I'm 30 I also have very acne prone skin. I've basically given up on having clear skin, but still use washes, creams etc. Since my skin is so oily and acne covered (sigh!) I'm always on the hunt for a full coverage foundation that will cover my acne, last throughout my day or at least 8 hours, and not cause more break outs.

The Claim

Dermablend claims this foundation is the best for oily, combination and acne prone skin. The foundation is oil free and supposed to smooth the appearance of bumps, crevices and enlarged pours. It is supposed to camouflage skin concerns such as acne, redness, and scars while having a natural matte finish. They boost up to 18 hours of coverages.

Wear Test

I test all foundations out with only the foundation worn on my skin, no primer, setting spray, concealer or powder etc. I only top it with blush to give a more complete look. The foundation boosts up to 18 hours of coverage, which I tested by wearing for 3 days to work ( I work in an air conditioned office). Each day was about 9.5 hours of wear. I spent all of this time in the air condition in my home or my house except maybe 10 minutes of back and forth to the my car, so I can't make a judgement on how this would hold up in the heat. Each of the three days I did check ins through out the day and then when I got home, I'll post some of the pictures I took below to give a better idea. I usually check the first time around lunch (4ish hours) to see if I have any blush left and to see how oily my skin has gotten . Normally my blush is either very faded or completely gone (doesn't matter how long wearing the blush is) by this time of the day, unless the foundation has extraordinary oil absorbing powers. When I checked at this point in the day for all three days it looked freshly applied. I didn't notice any fading of my blush or oil in my typically spots that are usually oily by now. I kept checking throughout the day and didn't notice any noticeable shine or fading. I didn't test for 18 hours as I'm more concerned about finding a foundation that last through my work day, especially since most non work adventures aren't any longer in time. By the end of the day 9.5 hours later foundation looked great, maybe some slight fading of my blush but not enough for me to worry about. Also very minimal oil. To sum all my blabbering up this foundation passes the test!!  


**My eyes were a little irritated for some unknown reason. I'm guessing allergies because they cleared up soon after these pics were taken.**

I think its fair to say the claims are true, as you can see in the before pic I have a lot of redness, scars, and active acne. Very full coverage as my redness is no longer visible and my acne has been blurred out. It also claims to fill in craters and smooth out skin, which as you can see it does. I was already in awe when it covered my redness, since even the fullest of coverage foundations are no match for my acne redness, so imagine how floored I was to see how smooth my skin is.

I'll bring you in even closer to see redness coverage and acne/crater smoothing.  This stuff is nothing short of a miracle worker for an acne suffer.

Can't leave out the right side. Sorry for the bad lighting, but hopefully you can see the amount of coverage still.

 My chin is always the hardest to find the right match.  If I'm lucky enough to find the right match it always wears off before anywhere else on my face.  I'll show pics below of my chin to show it stood the test of my entire work day.

Wear Time Pictures



 6:00 Not much different from 5:40 but wanted to show in different lighting.


A different day but wanted to use to show beginning of day vs. end of the day.  The left is at 8:30 and the right is at 6:00 at the end of the day.  Only fading I noticed at all was a small amount on my pimple to the left of my chin, which wasn't 100 % covered to start with.

Final Thoughts

 If you have active acne and acne scares run don't walk to get this foundation!  It more than surpasses my expectation to camouflage my acne and acne scars.  I would be happy with coverage alone but I'm even more impressed that it lasts all day long  

Thanks for reading my review. 

Em :)

P.S. sorry for the bad font. It won't let me fix it :(