Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lorac Pro 3

Lorac Pro 3

I've been away from this blog for way too long.  Mostly because I didn't have a digital camera but now thanks  to my awesome boyfriend I have one now.  I thought I would start back by adding some first impression type swatches of the Lorac Pro 3 since I haven't seen much on the internet about this palette. I was able to pick it up early for being a platinum member at Ulta.

I'm spare you from a bunch of rambling from me and just mention I'm loving all the shades of brown and gold.  First glance this palette may seem boring but its far from that.  Each shade is highly pigmented with a swipe or two.  My only compliant is the lighter shades didn't show up well on my tanish skin (I'm NW20 fair when not summer time but around mid range of medium now) so this might not be the best palette for darker women, however you may be able to use these for bases etc (I know holly run on batman)

Mini Behind the Scenes primer included.

On to the swatches!!  You'll see the lighter shades didn't show up on my hand.

Blanc, Canvas and Cool Taupe.

 Pink Nude, Clay and Terracotta.

Dk Brown and Jet Black (this black is so pigmented!!! Not the best swatch, sorry).

Lt Gold, Almond Peral and Medallion.

Lt Pewter, Amethyst, Rose Bronze.

Dk. Mocha and Truffle.

 I've been so excited to play with my new digital camera and start blogging again I haven't even tried these on my eyes yet. More later once I've done that. I hope you enjoy the swatches.  Let me know what you think if you decide to pick it up.

Thanks for looking.

Em :)