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Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
Full Review - Wear Test 14 hours
In my previous blog post I posted a  First impression (click link to see ) of the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation in 3.25.  I was so excited to have this new foundation in my hands that I had to test it out, even though Fridays are a shorter day for me.  I wore it 6.5 hours in this first test which gave me a decent idea of how long wearing the foundation is but not long enough to fully test.  In this review I've tested the foundation all day from work all the way through dinner with parents, not removing it until 10:30 PM 14 hours after putting it on

Foundation Vs. my oily skin

I'm going to do a series of mini check-ins.
For long wear test I wear nothing but my foundation.  I didn't even use moisturizer (I've really got to get a good skin care routine going).   After my 14 hour day, admittedly mostly in AC foundation was in tact much more than I expected. My skin is very oily and acne prone. It has the most oil on my chin, t-zone and nose, which I know is most of my face lol.  So oily I wear contacts because I can't stand my glasses sliding all around on my nose (okay that's not the only reason) lol. Even the longest of wearing foundations without primer, setting spray and powder tend to show noticeable wear by 4-5 hours (if I'm lucky).  I've never seen my blush make it to lunch time (4-5 hours) unless I use what feels like 1/2 bottle of setting spray and way too much blush.  I check in various times through out the day to see if I could notice how long before it starts wearing off my skin.

First Check in 9:00 (30 minutes wear time, using as starting basis)

I mentioned this in my first impression, but worth noting again.  Coverage is very full.  For someone without a lot to cover up this would be more than enough coverage.  I could stand to use a little concealer but not bad at all for just foundation!

Second Check in 1:40  5 hours

I am so not photogenic lol.  Around 5 hours at this point.  Looks almost as good as it did first thing this morning.  I have the smallest amount of shine on my nose (its not as bad as this shows, a lot of it is the light reflecting on me). My blush has faded slightly (very very slight, as you can see its still very much so there) but t-zone isn't oily at all .  Worth noting by this point my blush is normally completely gone and foundation very blotchy.  Even with a setting powder (not used for this test).

Third check in 5:40 9 Hours

End of my work day.  Usually by this point my makeup is gone.  Nothing left but the remnants of my eye shadows/mascara and a little bit of foundation. I know this pic isn't he best lighting, didn't notice that when I snapped it quickly after work.   Some oil/shine on my nose, some on my t-zone but still none on my chin.  Usually by this point everything is gone in these area.  My blush is still there to an extent, it has faded but you can still see it. I'm impressed!!!! I don't think I've ever seen blush after 9 hours!!!

Final Check in 14 hours


 Again with my silly faces.  I was really tired by this point .  Monday and I aren't friends lol.   I still only have a slight amount of oil in the same places I did last check-ins which is my t-zone and nose. My chin never did get oily, which is beyond rare for me.  I still have a small amount of blush even after 14 hours.  I'm impressed!!!


Left is after 14 hours, right is after removing my makeup.  There was some fading by this point but as you can see in the no makeup picture a lot is still there (notice the blush--yes I'm very happy about this).
Left after 14 hours, right is after removing makeup.  I think its easier to compare the lasting power  against my bare skin.  Worth noting the shine is the light, not how oily my skin is though admittedly there is some oil.
 More unflattering photos--oh the things I do in the name of testing makeup. Lol. 
 Left after 14 hours, right bare face after washing everything off. As you can see most of the foundation is still there.
Final Thoughts
In a word PASS!!!! This foundation definitely stand up to the All Nighter claim.  Any foundation that can last long enough to hold blush for 14 hours is a winner in my book!!  I'll try it next with powder and concealer to finish off my look. Its already so close to perfect I'm sure that will give me a home run! 
Thanks for reading. I would love to hear feed back.  If you decide to get it let me know what you think.
~ Em



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