Friday, August 17, 2012

Urban Decay Eyeshadow

I totally fell for the UD vintage eyeshadow sell.  Yep, I'm a sucker for a bargain lol. Of course as soon as I got them I had to play with them.  This is my first attempt at many doing swatches (at least to share online) so please bare with me.  I also apologize for the loose shadow in my pictures, I promise I'm not a shadow abuser.  I think I pressed too hard in an attempt to get enough shadow for the swatches.  I also have a few of the new style UD shadows (Snatch, Scratch, and SWF) so i'll include those as well. *All swatches are over UD's original primmer potion*. 


Light pink with a small hint of silver.

With Flash.  [I'm using flash to show the "texture" of the shadows.  Cherry is a very light pink and almost looks brown in some lights.
No Flash.

Free Love:


Photo makes it look a little darker than it is.  Its mainly peach but shifts between pink and brown.

No Flash

This pretty true to its color--its beach with pinkish sparkle in it. What I love out this shadow is the shifting from peach/pink/brown depending on the light.


This is a bit lighter than its "true color" but it does look this pink in darker lights.  I absoluately love this shade because of the color shifting. 

Sell Out:

Campagne color.  UD website says its pink but I think its more a light brown but a nice color at any rate.

With Flash (without makes it look much darker than it really is)

No Flash.

There is a small hint of pink, but its mainly light brown as shown.


Flash helps to show the small amount of pink.

Strip (I admit some of the names amuse me, this one is def one of them)

Metalic Silver  with blue glitter. 

No Flash.

Mainly silver but in some lighting it looks like a light blue with silver sheen.


Sorry this picture is so dark. I decided to use it anyway since I think it captures the color well.  If applied a bit heavier you can really see the blue sparkles.


Medium purple with silver glitter.

*This picture makes it look a bit darker than it is. 

No Flash.

Med purple with silver shimmer. In some lighting it appears to be pinkish/purple.


Again a little dark, sorry about that but I like how it shows the pink tint to it.

Snatch   (not one of the vintage I got in the UD sell)

Peachish/Pink with gold glitter

No Flash.

Peachish/ Pink.  I love how its shifts between pink and peach.  This is def my favorite one.


Sorry about lighting.  This shows the pink "mixed in" with the peach. 

Scratch (also did not get in UD vintage sell)

Rose color.  Med. pink/peach

No Flash.

Pink with browish/peach tints.  This is pretty true to the actual color.


Flash washed it out a good bit but this does show the light pink undertone that mixes with the peach for this goregous color.


Med purple with silver glitter


Flash washes it out a bit but it does have a light purple tint to it.  This really shows the shimmer, its a nice purple. Not as dark as the shadow picture makes it look.

No Flash.

Nice lavendar color with silver sparkles.

Hot Pants

Med. Pink

No Flash.

Med pink with shimmer. 


Can be applied lighter to get a pink similar to this. Also shows the shimmer in it.

Maui Wowie

Med. Gold with silver shimmer

No Flash

Gold/Brown with silver shimmer. 


Flash shows off the shimmer.  Brown/Gold in color.

SWF (Not part of UD vintage sell).

Light pink with silver glitter.


No Flash.

Light pink with silver shimmer.  This is pretty close to "real color". Its hard to capture the lighter pinks.  As you can see from other shadows above I'm into pink shadow though :).


Sorry for the weird angle. Not sure why I had my hand this way.  The flash washes it out but does show off the lighter pink undertones and shimmer.


Gold with peach tint

Color shifts.  Its gold with peachish/pinkish tints to it. 


Flash washed out color but does show off the brownish/peach undertint

No Flash.

Really close to "true color"  Its gold with peachish pink tint to it.

Hope these will be helpful :).  I'll work on getting better at taking swatch pics.

As you can see I'm a fan of pinks and browns, I need to work on branching out lol. 


  1. Love this blog, Emily! I really hope you do some foundation reviews, as I am very skinned as well. Always hard to find a good fit!

  2. Thanks, Ashley. I'll work on getting some foundation pics up this week. I was so excited when I finally found foundations to match.