Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tarte Amazonian clay

Tarte's Amazonian Clay is a very nice full coverage foundation.  As you'll see in the picture below my skin is pretty bad from acne, yet it still covers well.

My shade is Ivory- for fair skin with pink undertones.

Before pictures:

(I know the side pic is a bit odd but its easiest to show the acne etc that I will cover up with the make-up).

(Taken with my iPod for different lighting--my skin isn't this red but I like it for a comparison picture anyway--shows my acne and such.)

After Make-Up

Goofy photo of me but I wanted to share it to show the match with my skin.

Got a little sun at the pool (Under my eye) you can see that the foundation helped even out the redness. 

With vs. Without

                                              Without                          With

(Please ignore my bad eyeshadow--I did fix it before doing the rest of my make-up)

                                                 Without                         With

I've got to work on lighting but I think it shows up how well my acne is hidden.


Maracuja Creaseless waterproof concealer

My Shade is fair.  I love this concealer, it covers my acne and under eye circles very well.

With Vs. Without (Concealer)



Sorry about the coloring on the without photo.  I'm very impressed with how the concealer covers the redness from my acne.

                                            With                                   Without

Sorry bout the coloring on the without photo. I'm very impressed with how the concealer covers the redness of my acne.

Left Comparison: 

                                              Without                           With
I know there isn't much difference in the pictures but it does do a good job of hiding the redness from my acne and to overall even out my skin.

Right Comparison:

                                              Without                                With
Very similar to the left comparison. I wish I could figure out how to make the camera show it justice.


Amazonian Clay Pressed Mineral Powder in Fair 02 (for porcelain to ivory complexion)

I use the powder to seal my foundation. It very light but gives a nice finishing touch to the foundation.  

Full Face:

Quick snapshot outside a friends house.  (This is with foundation, concealer, and powder as described above).

Before going out that night (sorry photos are out of real life order).  Foundation is actually blending on my forehead, its the lighting.  I've got a lot to learn about how to get the correct lighting. Anyway I wanted to show different types of lighting to show coverage.

This is from another night but I wanted to share it as a comparison to the other pictures.  

Not the best photo of me but I wanted to share to show how well the foundation/concealer/powder hows up.  This is after being out in 90 degree heat for 6 or so hours.  It has barely changed at all.

Bottom Line

 I'm beyond impressed with the color match, coverage, and long wearing ability of this foundation. I would definitely recommend it.

*Thanks for being patient with me as I learn to take better pictures.


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