Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lorac GLOgetter Palette

Lorac GLOgetter Palette
Available exclusively at Ulta for $20


Sorry for the reflection, such a cute package. I love that the writing is mint green.
In my hand to show size comparison--I've noticed some having a question on this.

I love that it includes a mirror and as you can see the eye shadows are go sized.

Both pictures are without flash just from different angles to show the true colors.


No primmer--on my bare hand 

 This is my favorite by far---I admit I bought the palette for this one. It is  mint green with gold glitter. I LOVE this! I'm on a huge mint green kick this season.

 This is much lighter than it looks in palette-I like that because this is much more wearable for me than a super dark purple.

Bottom high light shadows:

Bottom Left

Bottom Right 

                                                              Bottom Left     Bottom Right

** High light shades not included on group swatches**

Out on my front porch to give another lighting perspective.  Sorry that I did them out of order, at the bottom is the far left in the palette. 

Bottom of my arm is far left in palette.
Bottom is the 5th from the left of the palette .

This is a "quick and dirty" look at the palette.  I just got it today and was so excited to play in it.  This is my first Lorac product and so far I'm very impressed.  Very good color payoff and I didn't notice any fallout from the glitter shadows.  Ill be wearing out tomorrow so I"ll report back then.

 Play around with on my eyes (UD primmer potion used) 

**Please ignore that it's a bit messy on the eyeshadow looks, as mentioned above this is  "quick and dirty" so I didn't clean up around my eyes. **

 This is my favorite shade---Its second from right in the palette.  Really pretty mint green color with gold flakes. I love it with my brown eyes.  This a little more bold then I normally do but I like the look.

Little bit of the left highlight on my brown bone.

 Eye liner I used in the look(s)

I've just recently started using eye liner so I'm still learning. I love the shade. I'll make a post later on how this wears once I have more time to play with it.

Another Eye Look (No primmer)

This the blue/teal that is 4th from left and the coral/orange that is 3rd from left with first high light above the coral/orange.  .  The same eye liner as above.  This look is a bit bold for me but I think it turned out okay.  I'm still learning how to do more elaborate looks.

Few different pics to try and capture the colors.  On my eye lashes is CoverGirl Clump Crusher but didn't use very much care in applying it-I was too busy playing with shades of shadow.

Final Thoughts

LOVE this palettes, I'm still trying to figure out why its so cheap.  The shadows are very silky and have great color pay off. Normally I will wear and try out something before posting but I didn't see any swatches when I Googled so I wanted to go ahead and get these out there.  I'll report back after I wear it more.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. The green really does make your eyes pop. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks, its such a fun color. At first I was like hmm maybe I better not wear this out but I did it anyway. The second look I probably wouldn't wear out, or at least not to work and such.

  2. You're making me fall for mint green. Very pretty!

    1. I'm not sure how I've gotten so obessed with it but I have. I love Tutti Fruitti too, and I even painted my nails mint green.

  3. I love your reviews! Now you're tempting me to drive to the Ulta :)

    1. Whoops. Sorry to enable. At least its cheaper than most palettes. I was really surprised on the price.