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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Pretty standard drug store foundation packaging.  I must say I would prefer a squeeze tube or a pump or something. It was a little bit difficult to get it out of the bottle without making a mess. I ended up dipping in a small brush and dotting it on my face that way.

Revlon's Claim

Undetectable coverage. Unbelievable complexion. Makeup so refreshingly light it melts right in, creating a fresh, even look.

How it stacks up to the claim

I would agree that this foundation evens out my complexion well, and that's saying something because my skin has some redness and marks from past and currently acne.  It is lighter weight  than most liquid make up but not the lightest that I've tried. It is a lighter weight foundation  than Revlon's Color Stay but not as light weight  as Urban Decay's Naked Skin.   Also if you look at my Color Stay review I mention that the match of the Ivory Shade (normally my shade) doesn't match me exactly, this shade and foundation does match me well (as a fair skinned girl this is a huge victory :--)  ).


It is a bit more liquidy than most foundations, almost runny, it was sliding off my hand a little bit in this picture.   The extra liquidity or whatever you want to call it helps it go on very evenly and easily.   I definitely like how it feels and goes on.


I would describe it as medium coverage, as someone like me with more to cover up would need a concealer and some powder to finish off a look.  It really does cover well for a more sheer coverage foundation, so it may be enough for those of you with better skin or desiring less coverage.  I have skipped the concealer when I was in a hurry and it looked fine. In fact none of my pictures on here have concealer or powder so that may give you some what of an idea.

Before vs After Pictures

Before                                  After

Sorry for the lighting difference between the two.  My skin is freaking out a bit right now so it had more to cover.  For a medium coverage foundation I think it does well.  It evens out my complexion well without feeling heavy like some liquid foundations. The lighting is off some in the after picture but it did help even out the redness in my skin, some of which is from playing with my skin so much (I love to play in make up lol).

    Before                               After

Full Shots
 I think this picture shows off how natural it looks.  It really does not look like I'm wearing foundation at all.  Even the best match of liquid foundation its usually at least some what evident that foundation is being used, but not so much with this.

I'm still working on lighting but I'm getting a little better, at least I think.

Bottom Line

For $9.99 (you can also find it on sale at most drug stores, I got mine on sale at CVS) I definitely think this version of naked make up is worth it.  I really like the feel of the make up and it is very long wearing.  Both of these pictures of above (full shots) are taken after been worn all day at work (I do wear a primmer but I wear one with all of my foundations, but I can still tell some foundations do not wear well). I also did not wear any powder and it still stayed well (I actually put this one in some what of a hurry before work one morning so I didn't take time to add powder or concealer, so it worked well for my blog post as I do not like to add extras so that an honest opinion can be given about that product).    Give it a try and let me know what you think, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

If any of you have tried it or decide to try it I would love to hear your opinions.

Thanks for reading.

Emily :)

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