Friday, January 25, 2013

CoverGirl Clump Crusher

CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara promises  200% more volume and zero clumps.

(Image from CG website)

I usually prefer straight brushes since they are easier, in my opinion, to use in the corners and bottom lashes but I do think it gives volume to lashes.   I did have some trouble getting corner lashes but I was able to hold brush up and down and get them pretty well.

     Without                           With

 My lashes aren't very long or full, but they do seem to be improving (I'm not treating them or anything but I have been trying to be easier on them).  I think it does live up to the claim of providing length to my lashes, I can see a noticeable boost in length.  I'm very impressed in lengthening ability especially because this mascara does not have added lash fibers.   I think the formula is good as it didn't clump much and I was able to use the brush to separate out the clumps.  I'm especially impressed the length it gave my bottom lashes. *To the left of my lashes what looks like a clump is actually where my lashes cross over--not sure why they do that but it doesn't seem to help even if I pull them apart. *

     Without                           With 

After picture above isn't as clear as I would like so I decided to use this mascara while playing around with my mascara (I usually don't wear bolder colors out but I am learning to branch out more).  Small amount of clumping but considering the amount I used to discover my fine lashes I don't think its bad.  I usually have huge clumps when I do this.
     One  Coat                      Two Coats 
As mentioned above there is normally a small amount of clumping due to how heavy I apply it, I can usually even it out on the second coat.  I'm really impressed how well the brush works to even out the mascara and remove clumps.

Final Thoughts

My eyes are really sensitive and I did not have any issues with this mascara.  I have to be careful what mascara I use because if they flake and get near my inner eye its likely to cause swelling, and some mascara actually makes my lashes/eyes itch.  I did not have any of those problems with this mascara, I also did not have any flaking and I do mess with my eyes a fair amount (contact wearer/suffer from allergies ).   This is in this is not a water proof formula, I usually do opt for water proof since I do wear contacts, but I didn't have any problems with this staying put.  I would definitely recommend this mascara and I will be repurchasing when it runs out.

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Em :)

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