Thursday, January 31, 2013

CoverGirl OutLast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

The Claim 

All-in-one foundation with a long-lasting formula that fuses primer, concealer, and foundation in one easy step.  This foundation is an all in one primer, concealer and foundation in one that promises to last all day.

How it stacks up

My skin is very oily, so I was definitely hesitant to use this without my primer, but I decided to try it anyway so I could fully test out the claim.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  I've worn it several different times over the last month and I have not noticed my face getting shinny or excessively oily.  In fact it looked the same way that it would if I had worn "regular" foundation and primer.   As for the concealer promise my skin has several marks (from acne), redness, and surface acne and I was pleasantly surprised how well it covered them up.  I would compare the coverage to be about the same a medium coverage foundation paired with a  concealer, it definitely conceals as promised and is a very full coverage foundation.  I dare say using concealer with it would be overkill. 

I'm so glad it comes with a pump, I always make a mess with foundations that do not have one.  I got shade 805 Ivory which is their lightest shade, it is a very good match for me.  I sometimes run into even the lightest shade being too orange but I did not have that problem with this.


As expected it is a little thicker than most foundation  but it is not so thick that it feels cakey or looks unnatural on .  Once it is on I did not notice it feeling any different than other foundations.  It is a little bit watery (not exactly sure what to call it) which is probably what helps it not to feel too thick on.

Before Vs. After

*Sorry for the lighting difference in before and after pictures.  Also after pics make me look a bit orange thats the light, one of these years I'll get that right.

 Notice the redness/marks from my acne in the before shot and the after it's been smoothed out.  Also notice that my blemishes aren't nearly as noticeable.  I've applied concealer before foundation and after and still had more showing.  To say I'm impressed is an understatement!

I don't have as many blemishes on this side of my face but I do have a fair amount of redness and acne marks.  Notice my skin tone is very close to even in the after picture.

I sometimes apply a little extra under my eyes as a concealer/extra coverage.  Please ignore that I have on very little eye shadow and need to work on my brows.  Also sorry that before and after picture is a different eye, but they are pretty much the same.  I have a little bit of discoloration/spots under my eyes and this evens them out pretty well.

Not the most flattering picture of me but I wanted you all to see a full face shot (I also hate having my hair up but it is not fixed so I would look like a made woman with it down).   I've got a good amount of redness in my skin (as seen above) that is nicely evened out, I really can't say enough about how much this covers.   I wish I had taken pictures when I was trying it out, but most of the time I was in a hurry to throw on some make up and run out the door.  That's probably my favorite part that I can cut out so many steps when I use this.

Bottom Line

This foundation far exceeds my expectations.  It is excellent for those on the run or those like myself who simply do not get up early enough to fuss with tons of steps.   I especially love it when I go to gym before work and still want some make up--so much easier bringing this instead of primer, concealer, and foundation--just put his on and go.  Give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Those of you that decide to try it, I would love to hear your opinion.

Thanks for reading,

Em :--)

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