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Make up Forever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation

Best. Foundation. Ever!!!!  I LOVE this foundation!!!!  Next to my acne my biggest problem with foundation is finding the correct shade because I'm very fair but often lightest shade is too light and the next shade is too dark. Its SO frustrating!  Alas I've found something that works perfectly!
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Product Details

* $ Retails for 36 and Sephora and is the exclusive retailer of it.
* 16 Shades available
* Full Coverage
* Water Resistant

Why I love it (and I think you will too)

 Match is perfect.  If you've been reading my blog (or if you view my pics) you'll see matching my skin is hard to do. I was matched as the 3rd shade which 25 warm ivory for pink undertones. I was skeptical at first because I'm never the third shade and only once have I been the second (Urban Decay Naked Skin I wear 1.0 which is the second shade---My review here).  Anyway I couldn't be more wrong, I honestly feel like this is the most naturally looking make up I've worn yet.  Its more like enhanced skin, I love it blend in so well that it doesn't scream "I'm wearing make up."
Long Wearing.  I have very oily skin.  To really test out the water resistant claim (in my mind if they are claiming water resistance my oily skin shouldn't melt it off my skin) I haven't been wearing primer with it.  I've been putting it on before work and taking it off almost 12 hour later and while I can tell it has worn off some,  for the most part its still there.  The key here is that I have to take it off, most foundation is almost complexly gone from my skin (without primer and even with if its a super long day) by the end of the day.   To make sure by fluke my skin hasn't magically gotten less oily I wore two different foundations without primer and noticed my skin is still oily. In fact I was rather disgusted at how bad my skin looked by the end of the day.
Full Coverage.   As you'll see in my before pictures I have a lot of redness, marks, and acne on my skin.  I am blown away with the coverage of this foundation.  With a very small amount (about the size of a pea) of product I'm able to cover up almost everything.  Best part is even though it covers up a lot it still looks natural.  If I want a really flawless look I use some of their long wear concealer (I'll make a separate post about it later).
Enough of my excited babbling lets look at some comparison pics.


Sorry for all of the goofy faces I'm making.  Also I know the lighting varies a good bit but hopefully you can still see the amount of coverage.  All of these pics are with the foundation only, no powder or concealer.

These are taken after trying the foundation for a couple of weeks.  My skin is really freaking out in these which isn't cool but does help to show the coverage off better .

Full Face Pics

Again with some pretty ridiculous expressions. I'm not very good at taking the selfies lol.  All of these are my finished out the door look so I have added some finishing powder and blush but no concealer.


Final Thoughts

This foundation is my holy grail because not only does it match my skin perfectly but it stays on all day.  Really I couldn't ask for anything else of my foundation.  I think if you decide to try it you'll love it as well. I would love to hear other opinions.
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