Saturday, September 8, 2012

Almay Clear Complexion

This foundation has a nice full coverage look without feeling too heavy.   It says it heals blemishes but I'm not sure if that's true just yet.  I got it just to try another type of foundation, but if it helps my blemishes that's a huge plus. Ivory 100 is a good match for me.  I'm really starting to think there isn't much consistency between Ivorys in the various brands though.
                                                                Ivory 100

Without vs. With 

                                             Without                          With
Notice that I have a good bit of redness in the left picture that was evened out in the right picture. Also it does a good job of taking the redness out of my acne.  Even without concealer it doesn't look too bad now.

                                            Without                            With

With Make-Up

Outside picture to show the match.  I really like the match, I think it gives a nice "healthy look" to my skin.

Taken the next day in my office, just to provide a picture with different lighting.  It is not too light that's just from the fluorescent lighting.

Bottom Line

I would recommend this foundation.  I am very impressed by the coverage, and I like the overall "feel" of the foundation.  I also got the concealer for blemishes (I'll post about it later).  Guess we will have to wait and see if it helps my blemishes or not.

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