Saturday, September 8, 2012

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

I know my last few posts sound like I don't like Revlon Products, that isn't the case at all. I like everything I've tired in the PhotoReady line (Primer and Concealer, I'll post about those later) so far .  The color range seems to be better in the PhotoReady line. I got 001 Ivory and it matches me very well.  Goes onvery easily and wears very well over the Revlon PhotoReady Primer.

Without Make-Up

Without vs With

                                              Without                          With
Sorry about the lighting difference between the two pics.  Coverage is really good with this foundation, I would say its med. to full.  Match is also very good for my pale skin.

                                             Without                           With

Full Make-Up

I really need to work on not looking so men in my pictures lol.  I promise I do smile :).  Lighting isn't the greatest but the match is very good with this foundation.

Sorry my full face pictures aren't that clear/good.  I have a few other Revlon products I love. I'll review those soon and try to redo these pictures.

Bottom Line

The color match for the foundation is much better for me than other Revlon products.  It seems the color range is a bit different on the PhotoReady line.  I would recommend my fellow fair skined ladies try this line.  I would definitely recommend this foundation.  Also just an FYI keep a check on the Riteaid (if you have one) circular papers, they often run 40% off Revlon sales.

Thanks for viewing :)


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