Saturday, September 8, 2012

Loreal True Match

Loreal True Match was my first liquid foundation  that I've actually liked.(I tried liquid foundation for years but never could find the right shade for my skin--once I found bareMinerals I stuck with it for a long time).  TM comes in cool, warm, and neutral for the perfect match.  I finally figured out that I am a cool undertone, which means I have pink undertones.  I wear the lightest shade c1 which is alabaster. 

Without Make-Up

With Make-Up

With vs Without

                                             With                                      Without

My skin is actually pretty good here but I did have some redness from the sun.  The foundation does a good job to cover this and even out my skin.

                                                    With                           Without

Sorry about how uneven the pictures are side by side.  This is foundation only, I think it takes the redness away from my acne and does well at evening out skin.

Full Make-Up

A few pictures with various lighting to show coverage.

(It does match on my forehead just the picture that makes it look that way).

Bottom Line

I highly recommend this foundation, with so many shades there truely is a color for everyone.  For those struggling with matching I would suggest going to a department store/make-up counter to determine you skin tone type (warm, cool, or neutral) and then determine the shade of your skin (fair, light, med. etc). 
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