Saturday, September 8, 2012

Revlon ColorStay

I've heard great things about Revlon's ColorStay so I decided to give it a try.  I got Ivory 110 to try.  The foundation has a nice feel but does not match my face exactly.  Its go more of a grey/beige tint to it.  I'm thinking this shade might be better for warm or neutral skin tones?  I'm not sure since I'm still learning about all this. I do agree with everyone that says its long wearing, it does stay on very well.  I have worn it and will continue to wear it (its not as obvious that its not an exact match when I'm not under bright lights) since its a nice wearing foundation.  
Revlon ColorStay Ivory 110

Without Make-up

Without vs. With

                                            Without                            With

I'm not sure how well it shows up in the photo but the match is a bit off for me.  Its a bit too greyish or something for me.  With a powder and extra blending its not so bad but its not perfect for me.  The redness on my checks is from a sunburn.

                                              Without                          With

Its not as obvious in this picture but match is off for me. This is the lightest shade so I'm not sure that there is one for me. I run into that a good bit unfortunately.  I will say though, it is a good wearing foundation.  (I figured I'll use the bottle I have since its not horrible but not the blend I'd like).

Full Make-Up

Bottom Line

I wouldn't recommend this foundation for the extremly fair, like myself, with cool undertones.  Its a nice wearing foundation but the match isn't right.  If you're a bit darker than me you'll probably love it.  I would love to hear other's opinions. Also maybe there is another shade in this I can try?

Thanks for looking, goofy faces and all.


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