Monday, September 24, 2012

NYC City Curls

NYC City Curls boasts up to 60% of lift with dramatic curls.

The brush is good for separating but I found it a bit hard to use on my corner lashes.  
Before vs After

Please ignore how sad my eyebrows look. I need to get them waxed.  My lashes aren't very long or full but I don't see much lift.  It does separate and lengthen pretty well though.

I didn't get much volume from it but length is pretty good. Paired with a volumizing mascara I think my lashes would look better.

An additional coat from the picture above.  I was about to use the brush to separate out my lashes a bit more and add a bit more length.

Bottom Line:

It's not my favorite mascara but its not bad for the price.  I didn't see much curl or lift on my lashes but I don't have much to work with lash wise.  I do like that the mascara does not clump and provides decent length.


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