Saturday, September 8, 2012

bareMinerals Matte Foundation

bareMinerals Matte foundation SPF15

bareMinerals is my first love with foundations, since I've had such a hard time getting liquid foundation to match me.  When applied as shown below it has a nice full coverage look without the heavy make-up feel. I'll admit I was super skeptical when I first tried it, but I've been converted to a believer of the minerals revolution (or whatever their saying is, okay I'm just being cheesy now).

bareMinerals foundation comes in original and matte.  Matte is better for oily skin so I stick with that version.
Sorry for the dirty package.  As you can tell it gets a lot of use.
My shade is fair C10 (For porcelain skin with pink undertones).

Before Make-Up

Not the most flattering photos of me but I want to give a good representation of my skin.

After Make-Up

                                                      With                          Without
Notice on the left side that the foundation has  evened out my skin  and toned down the redness in my skin.  My skin is pretty clear in this side (woohoo) so its not as noticeable with the coverage). The nice thing about BM is it can be applied as lightly in areas that do not need as much coverage and a bit heavier in areas that need more attention.

                                            With                                 Without

My acne is worse on this side of my face so the coverage is shown better on the left side.  

This is with just the matte foundation applied all over.
Concealer  (adding extra foundation in trouble spots).

To conceal problem area use a small brush to apply extra foundation to area.  

I use this brush to add extra foundation.  I blend it in with my fingers and then finish blending with my regular BM brush.

I left it unblended to show how I do it.  Just a little extra boost for "problem areas".

Mineral Veil

Sorry again for my dirty packaging.  As you can see this has been well loved. 

This is an oversize mineral veil from the outlet.  Its the same as the other mineral veil though.  I use translucent. 

Mineral Veil goes on super light (can't even feel it) but still gives that extra coverage to finish off the look. 

(Near my chin--where acne is looks unblended but its not "in real life" I'm terrible with lighting).

I'm very impressed with the coverage, as you can see above my skin is far less than perfect.

A little bright, but I like showing a variety of angles and lighting.  

Bottom Line

The hype is true bareMinerals is really as good as everyone says it is.  I highly recommend it for those with fair skin, or anyone that has a hard time getting a good foundation match. 

*Just a side note I'm showing my "imperfections" to demonstrate  the coverage of the products, its not meant as a negative towards myself I promise. Though I'm open to suggestions from my readers of products to try to clear my face up.  I've been battling acne since my teens.  *

Thanks for looking  :)


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