Saturday, September 8, 2012

Neutragena Healthy Skin Foundation

Neutrogena Healthy Skin is another foundation I've found that matches my very fair skin well.

My shade is Ivory 10 which is classic Ivory.

Without Make-Up

With Make-Up

One coat of foundation:

Second Coat of Foundation:

I added a second coat of foundation to cover up my acne better. I've very impressed with the coverage.

*Side note I don't really like having my hair away from my face (I think it looks better with my hair around it) but it was easier to put on and take off make-up with it back.*

With vs. Without

                                                 With (second Coat)       Without

                                              Without                             With (second coat)

The redness in the after picture is from sun burn (very mild ) that I got earlier that day.

Full Make-Up

Please ignore the silly looks on my face. Its hard for me to take my own picture haha.  A couple of diffrerent pictures to hopefully show off the match and coverage of this foundation.  I'm very impressed with both.  I would def. recommend this foundation.

Bottom Line

I would definitely recomend this foundation, for a none alabaster shade its still a great match.  I've found alabaster shade make-up always matches me, but I'm still experimenting with Ivory shades to figure out which shades are right for me.

I've very open to any advice or suggestions on matching ivory shades etc. I'll also try to answer any questions.


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