Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

I LOVE this foundation. I went to the Mac counter a couple of months back and decided to see what the MAC hype is about.  I totally understand now!   It is an excellent full coverage foundation that works very well with my skin and skin type.  I'm not that familiar with MAC foundations since this is my first one but I was told the Studio Fix Fluid is the best for oily skin.


With vs. Without 

                                             With                                 Without

This foundation does very well to cover my acne and overall redness from it.  Notice on the right that I'm having pretty bad breakouts and on the left that they are barely noticeable. 

                                             With                               Without

This side is not as broken out so this is probably more of what most users would experience.  It gives a nice even finish to my skin.

With Make-Up (Only foundation, no concealers, powder etc)

Pictures are from different days since I wear this foundation often.  None of them have anything but foundation on though.

Bottom Line

I definitely recommend this foundation, it has great coverage and wears very well.  Also for a higher end foundation it retails ($27) for much less than others that are available. 

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